Abu Garcia Line Guide Pawl #5176
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The #5176 Line guide Pawl for Abu Garcia reels fits most level wind reel by Ambassadeur.  This is the most commonly replaced part on this great series of reels.  The Pawl and its worm gear are exposed to sand and dirt and often wear and casue the line guide to fail.  I always recommend inspection at lease once a year(more often for heavy use.) of both the worn gear and the pawl for signs of wear and replace if there is any evidence of wear or damage.   If your are unsure of your ability to replace this pawl correctly, please send or take your reel to a reputable service shop!  You will be glad you did!

    If you do replace the pawl yourself, use only a light oil lube...NO GREASE!    Be sure to clean the worm gear shield during the replacement process. 

  • Manufacturer: Abu Garcia (Ambassadeur)
  • Condition: New

Abu Garcia Line Guide Pawl #5176

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